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Should I Break Up with My Boyfriend Quiz

If you're reading this page, then you're obviously dating your boyfriend, but wondering if he's really the right person for you... You're probably asking yourself "should I break up with my boyfriend?"...

The quiz below has been designed to help you understand more about your relationship and how well it's working for you.

To get the most out of the quiz:

  • Answer each question as honestly as you can
  • Choose your answer based on how you feel for the majority of the time (not just when you're angry, frustrated or hurt)
  • If you find a few answers that could be correct, choose the MOST CORRECT answer

We'll give you more information when you check your results, so fill out the answers and let's see how you go...

Please Note: You Must Answer Every Question!


Fun, laughter and sense of humor: How much fun and laughter do you enjoy on a regular basis as a couple?

We laugh all the time, in fact there is very little time that we're not laughing or poking fun

We have some great times on a pretty regular basis

We have some times when we laugh and enjoy some fun, but also some times which are more sombre or serious

We don't actually have that much fun. I guess we take life fairly seriously

We never laugh any more. We did in the beginning though...

We've never really had that sort of relationship. It's always been a bit more serious than humorous


Conflict: How much conflict do you experience between you?

We seldom or never fight at all

We fight all the time, always arguing or bickering at each other

We argue a bit, but we manage to talk about it after and seem to get through it alright

We don't really fight, but there's a lot of critical comments and negative remarks between us


Resolving Conflicts: How well do you actually RESOLVE, or get past the conflicts that you have in your relationship? This is not just about being able to stop the argument, but about actually believing that you've really dealt with the issue that came up

We seldom or never fight, so it's not applicable to us

If something gets too hard and we realize that fighting about it a lot is going nowhere we just ignore it or don't bring it up any more

After we've both cooled down, we'll eventually talk about what happened. This gives us a chance to see how we could do it better in future

We have some topics or past events which seem to come up every time we fight

After we fight we stay angry at each other for ages until something else happens and we forget that we had the original fight


Rage and Anger: What level of anger or rage (loud or big expressions of anger) are there in your relationship arguments?

Sometimes it gets a bit physical with one of us pushing, jabbing or hitting the other when we're really angry

Sometimes one of us gets so angry that we will throw something or hit a door, or punch a wall or kick the dog. But we never hit each other

We've never hit or hurt each other. If anything, we probably both just shut down and stop talking to each other

We can get pretty angry and we may yell at each other and even hang up on each other if we're on the phone, but that's about as bad as it gets

We don't get angry at all. We don't let ourselves get out of control in that way


Shared Values and Beliefs: Think about your core values and beliefs. These are your philosophy of what is right and what is wrong in life, as well as what, for you, constitutes an ethical and respectful way of living. As a couple, how much do you believe you have in common in this area?

We never discuss this, so I don't know really

We have a very similar philosophy on life and values

We're really poles apart on each, but hey, opposites attract

This is hard to answer, sometimes I used to think we had really similar values, but recently I'm wondering if that's actually true


Safety & Security: How would you rate your ability to feel safe and secure when you're with your partner?

I know I can fully trust that my partner will do the right thing by me and by most others

When we're together we have a sense of "us" being a team

I enjoy my own company more than being with my partner

I'd rather be out with my other friends than spending too much time with my partner

When I'm with my partner I get to just be "me", rather than having to pretend or be "nice"

I feel like I've got to be a particular type of person for my partner to be happy with me


Communication and Support: Mark the most correct response below:

I am allowed to ask my partner for all the support I need

I feel like I can have a quota of support, but over that I'm on my own

I enjoy it when my partner asks me for support

I feel completely valued and supported by my partner and I know it's reciprocated

I feel like I have to do all the supporting work in our relationship

I think my partner does most of the support work in our relationship

I think we're well balanced when it comes to asking for and receiving support


Relationship Behaviours: Which is the MOST accurate sentence about how you feel in your relationship?

I often feel like I'm the one who needs support in our relationship

I feel like I have to be the responsible one in our relationship

We have a fairly balanced approach to our relationship, with times when both of us are either supported or nurtured

I don't think either of us feels like we get nurtured much or supported by the other


Apologizing: After one of us has done something wrong or hurt the other:

I will shut down or act hurt and wait for my partner to apologize to me

I will have to approach my partner to apologize and break the ice most of the time

Neither of us really apologizes, we just go cold, shut-down and eventually it goes away

Both of us will act hurt and wait for the other to apologize

My partner will approach me (after a while) and apologize most of the time

It changes a bit, sometimes I approach and apologize and sometimes my partner approaches me and apologizes. But either way we do talk about it, apologize and move on


Forgiveness: After one of you apologizes what happens?

If one of us apologizes, the other may take a little while, but we'll generally feel like it's all foregiven

We never apologize - we just wait for it to go away

My partner can never say their sorry for anything

I'm not actually very good at saying I'm sorry

We don't ever have anything to apologize for because we don't fight

We're both good at holding on to the pain, even after an apology

We're both actually really great as laughing at our own mistakes and forgiving each other


Social Interests: How would you rate your likes and dislikes in terms of socializing and going out?

We enjoy going to similar types of events, dates and outings

We have very different ideas about what constitutes a good time out

My partner never really wants to go out while I do

I feel like I hold my partner back because I'm not as interested in going out

I'd rather go out without them

They tell me they'd rather go out without me

We have some different likes and some similar likes. We're allowed to go out without each other as well, as long as it's not every time


The Friendship Factor: How would you rate yourselves as friends?

We're in a relationship, we're not supposed to be friends

We're not really "friends" as such... It's more about sex and dating

We have a great friendship that makes me feel like I'm at home

We're not very good friends to each other a lot of the time

We're probably much too focused on the friendship, which is fine, and not enough on the sex and intimacy


Willingness to Change and Adapt: Are you allowed to want to change each other at all?

No, we shouldn't want to change anyone that way

I don't know what I think about this...

Yes, I believe my partner should be willing to change to give me what I need in the relationship

Yes, I think we both have to adapt in order for the relationship to work

Yes, that's the only way we can both know how to support each other and grow as a couple

No, I shouldn't expect anyone to be something they're not


Expectations around conflict: What are your expectations around fighting and conflict in a relationship?

I believe that if I was in the right relationship we would seldom argue or disagree

I believe that all relationships need to disagree in order to resolve differences

I hate conflict and avoid it at all costs, so I don't want to know

I like to press my partner's buttons because I like how steamy they get when they're fired up

My partner often pushes my buttons and thinks it's funny, but it drives me crazy cause I just want peace


Chores and Tasks: How happy are you both with the way that you share the chores and tasks that need to be done?

I know I do more, but my partner is a bit lazy or disinterested

I know I do more, but my partner really is busy with stuff so that's ok

I think I'm probably a little lazier than my partner

We share the tasks between us, getting what needs to be done finished pretty well and with both of us feeling fine about it

We fight over tasks a bit

We have different ways of doing things and different expectations and we fight over tasks a lot

I'm sick of being the one who has to do everything


Your Age: To help us rate your answers in relation to your current age and situation, please select your age range below:

Under 16

16 - 18

19 - 24

25 - 35

Over 35


Your Boyfriend's (or Partner's) Age: Please select an age range from those listed below:

Under 16

16 - 18

19 - 24

25 - 35

Over 35


Finally, can you answer the following two questions to prove that you're a human and not a computer: What color is grass? (please answer correctly or you won't see any results)

Grass is Orange

Grass is Yellow

Ignore this one

Grass is Green

We all know it's Pink

I think it's Blue


And another question to prove you're really a human: What do you do with a chair?
(please answer correctly or you won't see any results)

Read it to others

Eat it for dessert

Cut it up and feed it to the dog

Take it for a walk

Brush your hair with it

Sit on it

Please make sure you have answered EVERY Question above
before checking your results...